SOL Fries




Mint date: 24th Des, 23:00  



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The SolFries Community is an NFT collection of 2500 unique tokens stored on the Solana Blockchain. it’s be computer generated traits consisting of various rarities and will be non-sequentially minted at one price for fair distribution on our site.


Check out our roadmap and utility for exciting plans for the future!




We also have a great special for you. We hold four NFTs in this collection, two of them are holding iPhones their hand, and the other two NFTs characters are wearing two Apple-watches. It’s meant to be a gift! This NFTs collections will be a gift to four winners. You can be the winner of one of the four items, so hurry up and catch the opportunity!

Besides the fact that it’s not the last chance, we do giveaways from time to time. The most active members on our discord, reached rank five, and invites new members will be whitelisted and will get FREE SolFries NFTs.

The winner will be randomly selected. We’ll send the NFTs to the winner’s wallet within two weeks. Also we’ll announce the giveaways and winners on our discord and twitter, so make sure you join our discord and read the #whitelist-info channel so that you won’t miss the opportunity, you could be the lucky winner!


  • Phase 1 Marketing

    Starting campaigns on Twitter, Discord, Youtube and Instagram. Getting people aware of our project. Register on Howrare & Solanalysis.



  • Phase 2 Pre Launch

    - Whitelist 350 SolFries early members.
    - Integrating utilities from other Solana projects.
    - December, 5500 SolFries will be launched to our beloved SolFries Community.

  • Phase 3 Magic Eden & Digital Eyes

    After sold-out or stopping mint sale our SolFries NFT collection is integrated into and 

  • Phase 4 Floor Swiping & Promotions

    10% of all the projects income will be given to marketing such as Youtube marketing videos.

    10% of all the projects income will be invested for further developing such as staking.

    50% of all royalties are used to swipe the floor.

  • SolFries

    We stay in contact with our community. Discussing further steps. are they merchandise products? or staking? or a new second collection with staking?


Who is getting airdrops?

Airdrops is a really cool stuff. It means you getting surprised by free NFTs or NFT traits coming into your wallet. It’s not restricted to NFTs only of this project.

Imagine you are one of the lucky guys who gets a free NFT via airdrop and it’s a very rare collection which is more worth than the NFT you bought/minted here.

How to be eligible for airdrops? There are several chances:

-You get whitelisted. For that you can fill out the google form . About 50 spots here.

-Be an active member of our community on discord

-Be an active member of our community on Twitter

-Top 20 owners of our SolFries are of course also whitelisted.



Creative & Social manager 


Manager creative coder & Designer


Manger creative designer worker 7/24